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A Vintage Charity

“This album is dedicated… well to the dedicated… cuz…
Most don’t know –
Where it’s gone and where to find it –
Less than most –
Looked inside while I rewinded –
Born in a park from busted speakers where giants was meetin –
I stand defiant in speech with –
Fire in eyes like Cyclops sees it –
Fist shoved deep in pockets, my kicks hella scuffed –
…Jeans inked wit subway grime, livin on a one-way ride –
Easy like Sunday, I’m czecin faces at several paces keepin things in time –
Ain’t gotta say nothing as I trace my way uptown on the railway line –
My future in window glass more like an empty past –
Where least resistance reached with the quickness (witNESSed my leap!) –
Tryna pull me back –
Gotta get it movin to keep what I’m doin at the (FRONT) and prove I’m usin my gifts to keep the balance over drugs and outfits, thugs, cowards, love verse pounds it –
Went from Pac to X to Mos to Em to Buffett, got on my own dick –
(Now I’m) Rock, country n boom bap wit a little bita Florida coastin–
Readily etch, this legacy kept bars, convict spits, A –
Head of me steadily goin hard for dough with back pockets ripped –
I been down since ’96, surrounded by lifeless kids ciphin with –
Tired spits while I showed ya’ll what desire is –
Brought it back to basement basics just to attempt what’s not been –
Our flaws is perfect, everyone’s fine (SO) the lyin need ta be stoppin –
Kids got it twisted THO excusing youth for these standards slippin –
Errything gifted and given, taken with violence and no ambition – YO
I’m a musician first, salesman last, the rest I own –
White boy, black noise, rollin stone with mad hats at home –
(John Pub!) – I’m talkin hope of the present, fork in the road to follow –
The pill to swallow to forget tomorrow or still livin with a chance to borrow –
THIS is where I stand, where as a man, I’ma always be –
Where I was born, I fit and how I’m me – vintage charity.”


from Re​-​Gifted: Thrift Shop Experience, track released December 15, 2010
“A Vintage Charity”
(B. Munson)
Produced by DJay Cas for The Academy
Recorded and Mixed by 6th Sense at No Fame Studios, Pelham, NY




John Public Jersey City, New Jersey

Find me somewhere between Mos Def & John Mayer: organic hip-hop with smokey, funk-laden rock n blues. I have roots in Jersey City, am a DXNext, have opened for DMC, J. Cole, Skyzoo, Emilio Rojas, Brown Bag All-Stars, The Cunninlynguists, Das EFX & Immortal Technique and currently live in Washington, DC. My album "Re-Gifted" is available for free DL at DJBooth.net or for purchase on iTunes. ... more

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