Down The Street feat. Maya Azucena

from by John Public

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Everyone has a struggle. Down the street, my guess is no one really knows what yours is. So the question becomes: do you?


“Hurt me soul, all the worlds ills on welcome mats of good will –
From burbs to the hood it feel like it would when it’s real –
A piece of me, a slice of heaven and all of God and is how it work –
To get it back to good like it should but knowin don’t soften the hurt –
Cancer and abuse of alcohol and drugs, too little love, more TV, no funds, humor sprinkled with guns –
There’s these jokes of crack peddling, broken down cars to sell again –
Lack of melanin, news embellishments, room with an elephant –
Healthcare, disease, depression, aggression and peace –
Military aid received where war machines rippin dreams – it’s all
Bottled inside and drunken down weekends til it’s gone –
Tilt it, fill it, but don’t spill it, keep it quiet, riot, don’t talk –
I’m seein it from afar because I’ve seen it up close first –
Personal journal entry from a girl to a boy and vice verse –
This is more than together, conversations of mild weather –
This is our soul’s prep and it’s final test for our forever –
If you believe in something more stick your fist in the sky –
Shout love if you want yours and you tryin to survive –
LOVE you see? This my selfish pursuit –
Let’s be selfish and sell fish like Jesus would do, cuz uh…”


from Re​-​Gifted: Thrift Shop Experience, released December 15, 2010




John Public Jersey City, New Jersey

Find me somewhere between Mos Def & John Mayer: organic hip-hop with smokey, funk-laden rock n blues. I have roots in Jersey City, am a DXNext, have opened for DMC, J. Cole, Skyzoo, Emilio Rojas, Brown Bag All-Stars, The Cunninlynguists, Das EFX & Immortal Technique and currently live in Washington, DC. My album "Re-Gifted" is available for free DL at or for purchase on iTunes. ... more

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